Why Accountable

The idea for creating "Accountable" was the belief of the principals that no one financial services business has adequately addressed the needs and aspirations of practicing accountants. Accountable has an intimate knowledge of how accountants operate.

Here are TEN good reasons why accountants should join Accountable:

  1. A home for you to build and grow a SMSF advice business and protect the inherent value of your client base from other financial service providers
  2. An Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) open to practicing accountants only
  3. We provide training and can accredit you to provide advice on superannuation to clients
  4. Flexible licensing options - you can provide simple product advice to full strategic advice on superannuation, life insurance and/or investments
  5. Use of simple processes, templates and the latest technology to make the provision of advice efficient and automate the production of Statements of Advice (SoAs)
  6. Guidance and advice to build a profitable SMSF advice and wealth management business that will enhance the value of your practice
  7. Flat dollar fee per month pricing structure instead of taking a percentage of what you earn
  8. Managed Referral Service offers a panel of quality, specialist financial advisers and mortgage brokers, all managed on your behalf by Accountable
  9. No "cherry-picking" or "product flogging" to your client base
  10. Products and services sourced or developed based on your feedback and tailored for different client segments within your practice
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