Accountants RG146 Accreditation Program in SMSF's

Accountable Training Solutions and AAMC Training Group (Registered Training Organisation 51428) offer you an RG146 Accreditation Program in SMSF's, developed specifically for busy accountants.

This is an online, self-paced program, allowing you to work through it at times convenient to you and your practice.

Upon registering, you will receive from AAMC Training Group an email containing a User Name and Password to login to the AAMC website. You may then download the course material for the following units:

  • RG146 Generic Knowledge Unit
  • RG146 Superannuation Unit
  • RG146 SMSF Unit

These total approximatley 650 large font pages that is required to be read by you.

You can also complete your assessments by logging into the AAMC website. The assessments you will need to complete include:

  • 85 multiple choice questions
  • 29 case study questions
  • A sample Statement of Advice (SOA), and a
  • 4 skills assessment role plays

The past experience and knowledge Accountants hold, particularly in SMSF's, will assist your completion of the program and certification.

The cost of undertaking the program is $897 GST inclusive. To register click here to download the Booking Form.

Why do you need an RG146 accreditation?

Current Federal legislation requires that an accountant holds an RG146 certification should they wish to advise clients on SMSF’s and financial services. Most accountants currently illegally discuss with clients plans for making superannuation contributions and paying out benefits.

Every accountant that wishes to provide clients with advice or recommendations on SMSF’s is required as a first step to obtain an RG146 certification.

RG146 is short for ASIC Regulatory Guide No. 146, which outlines the minimum education required by an individual that wishes to advise on SMSF’s and other financial products.

We strongly recommend you obtain your certification as soon as possible, as the cost of doing this will increase during 2012. This is due to proposed changes being introduced to the RG146 accreditation by ASIC, requiring the additional step that you engage someone with at least 5 year’s experience holding RG146 to supervise your activities for 1 full year.

What accreditation will I receive on successfully completing the course?

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive from AAMC Training Group a certificate stating you have been certified as Competent under ASIC Regulatory Guidance 146 in the areas of:

  • Financial Services Generic Knowledge and Skills
  • Superannuation, and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

How do I register for the RG146 Accreditation Program?

To register for the program, click here to download and complete the Booking Form and return it to us by:


  Email to or
  Fax to 02 8080 4336 or
  Post to PO Box 1165, Sydney South NSW 1235

What do I need to do after I receive my Certificate of RG146 Compliance?

Once you are issued with your Certificate of RG146 Compliance and before you can start providing advice to clients on SMSF’s, contributions, pension, etc. ASIC and Corporations legislation require that you first be appointed as an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

An AFSL is an entity that has been approved by ASIC to be a provider of SMSF and financial product advice to the public and is subject to audit on a yearly basis.

An AFSL is approved by ASIC to appoint RG146 qualified individuals as Authorised Representatives of the licence. This allows those individuals to advise clients on SMSF’s and financial services.

The AFSL is required to audit the individuals on a yearly basis and monitor them to ensure their continuing compliance with legislation.

Accountable Financial Solutions holds an AFSL (No. 409424) that is open to accountants and accounting practices only, allowing them to provide advice to clients on SMSF’s and other financial matters.

If you have any questions relating to the RG146 Accreditation Program or would like more information on the Accountable Financial Group, please contact either:

David Moss on 0414 866 953 or
Tony Zulli on 0434 530 361 or
Accountable Financial Group head office on 02 8006 0040 or


* You have up to 6 months, if required, to complete the program.

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